The Bible I Know: A Handbook for Life

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by Nina Jean Cameron (Author)

A BIBLE STUDY COURSE. The Bible I Know takes you on a riveting journey through the Bible. You’ll be challenged to take a close personal look at its truths and answer the question, "Is the Bible for today?"

This common sense and practical approach to studying the Bible will challenge and inspire you to dig deeply into the mysteries of its truths for yourself. You will be captivated by discovering amazing love stories, drama of wars, family feuds, floods, murder, and intrigue, as well as enjoy the inspiring poetry and psalms that feed your soul.

Discover for yourself how the words of the Bible are Holy Spirit inspired.

The Bible I Know invites you to know in a profoundly intimate way that your heavenly Father, loves you and has always loved you. He lovingly inspired men of old to pen His words and leave a written legacy for His children.

In plain language The Bible I Know helps you understand where you came from, who you are, and where you’re going.

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