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Winning Choices (Hardcover)

Winning Choices (Hardcover)

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by Greg Papp (Author)

Greg Papp has found a way to take two powerful American metaphors – football and pizza – and effectively grab the attention of a sports-saturated generation that often lacks the life skills and spiritual depth required to make sound choices. Winning Choices speaks to the uncertainty that many feel in today's world and offers solutions that are understandable, appealing and effective in reaching across cultural, generational and educational boundaries. This book provides street-level ideas and tools to teach both principles and practices of making better choices.

Ideas are fortified with input from over a dozen former NFL and college football players and coaches. Each chapter begins with a brief narrative from football, Scripture or contemporary life that is chosen to illustrate a specific point. More than 50 verses from Scripture can be found throughout the book to solidify the underlying Christian worldview.

Today's culture of confusion magnifies the challenges faced by individuals seeking to make successful life choices. Students, career-seekers, prisoners and others know they need to get their lives together, but often lack the skills to make it happen.

Winning Choices is targeted to reach the coaches, mentors and counselors who can work with these inexperienced individuals and provide the tools they need to find a sense of direction. Greg's lessons can help build valuable communication and trust between the coach and the player and ultimately between both of them and God.

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